DTD2RELAX [Java] [en | ja]
convert DTD to RELAX. originally written by Makoto Murata.
XMLStructPlugin for ICHITARO Ark [ja]
edit command to insert template for structual data.


ICHITARO Ark for Java [en | ja]
XHTML word processer product. my work is css rendering implementation. you can download sources from site. you can download binary of old 'technology preview' from .com site.
XT Plugin for ICHITARO Ark [ja]
edit command to transform document representation using xt.
SVG Box Plugin for ICHITARO Ark (not published)
box to render SVG subtree using CSIRO SVG toolkit
SAXBench [en|ja]
Benchmark program for event-based XML parser(SAX,SAX2,JAXP,TinyXML,Lark).
patch for XMLBench
Patch for XMLBanch (benchmark program for tree-based XML parser) to support Oracle and iPEX and EXML 2.0.
patch for Lark
Bug fix patch for Lark.
report bugs to Ryosuke Nanba <rna at>